Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Raspberry Pi Zero W as WiFi Repeater

No extra WiFi dongles used. The dongle shown is a wireless keyboard used for development only
The ESP-01S WiFi Repeater works well for IoT use. It can be daisy-chained maybe 5 times for a maximum range of 200m, but I found it a little slow for normal use. In particular youtube stuttered even on an old Rolling Stones video in black and white.

It would be nice to see how the Raspberry Pi Zero W fared as a WiFi repeater. At RM40 (the microUSB cable is RM2) from cytron, it is about double the price of the ESP-01S Repeater and close to the RM52 retail price for a D-Link DMG-112A.

Even so the Raspberry Pi WiFi Repeater will come out ahead if it can also be used as an IoT device, such as a WiFi autogate remote controller.

Albert Chaharbakshi: had last word on the Raspi WiFi Repeater

I could not find anything to add to Albert Chaharbakhshi's classy post.

Well, except this youtube video to prove his post really works. Even the Raspberry Pi website's version requires another WiFi interface or at least a wired Ethernet interface to work.

Youtube video of Raspi Zero W WiFi repeater feeding a laptop with a video stream
The Pi is shown connected to a monitor and keyboard but is set for "headless" operation with a static IP address. A laptop was able to play a reasonable youtube video (Porcelain Black's Naughty Naughty) at 480p with no difficulty.

There you have it, a practically commercial grade WiFi Repeater. Happy Trails.

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